Emotional Intelligence
 The 6 questions given below will measure your emotional reactions to different situations.  Answer on the basis of how you FEEL and not what you THINK by Responding with (tick) to any one of the four options given for each question.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Answer honestly and do not spend too much time on any one item.  Usually your first response is the best response.  Do not leave any question unanswered and complete the test in a single sitting.  
1.At the workplace, due to some misunderstanding, your colleagues stop talking to you. You are convinced that it was no fault of yours. How will you react?
2.Imagine that you are a police officer posted in a sensitive area. You get information of violent ethnic clashes between two religious communities in which people have been killed from both sides and property damaged. What action will you take?
3.Your grown up son starts arguing with you every now and then. He tells you that you cannot impose your outdated attitudes and irrelevant values on him. How will you tackle him?
4.As the Head of Department, while taking a meeting with the union, one of the union leaders levels serious allegations of corruption and favoritism against you. How will you react?
5.You had an argument with your spouse on some trivial family matter and are not on speaking terms for sometime. The situation is causing mental disturbance to both of you. What will you do?
6.When someone directly criticizes you behaviour: