As stress is a Global epidemic and not specific to one country or nation, it is important to form a body at an international level.  The secretariat is located at Suite 501, level 5, 52-58 William street, East Sydney NSW 2011 Australia. Every member country will have its representatives as members of the council. This will be a not for profit organization and will focus on Core aspects of stress management. ICSMP has formally approved SMP Certification process on 6th of November 2015 at the 2nd International Conference of Stress Management held in Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

The body constitutes of a chairman, Board of directors, Panel of Experts and members from across different countries. The chairman and the board of directors are the governing body and will control all the activities of the council. The Expert Panel will offer their guidance from time to time in strengthening the processess and content relevant to their geography and core area of expertise. The members from different countries have to register to the council if there are multiple members representing the same country, A member director will be decided by the Board based on the activities contributed towards stress management in that country. The body will meet twice every year, once using technology in the month of June and once face to face in the month of November.

ICSMP Approved SMPC Workshops